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Chairman's Message


Project Lap Group was set up to cater to developing global industrial sectors while positively impacting the society, environment and economy in which it serves. 

One element that we have worked hard in transmitting through our businesses is our strong commitment to the continuous development of the Project Lap Group by consistently improving and growing within our respective divisions.

We will continue our course by raising the bar higher and by maintaining our determination to be the most stable, dependable, dynamic and profitable group in parallel with our sustainable growth goals.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a compass for how we conduct ourselves every day and helps us successfully to strive for positive challenges, move forward to create value and to provide long-term economic success to the markets in which we operate.

Our motto is ‘’Aspire beyond Excellence” this is what we at Project Lap will continuously strive to achieve for years to come. Of course, this will not be possible without the constant dedication and collaboration of all our talented, experienced and innovative human resources - The most valuable Treasures and Assets of Project Lap.

Mr. Hamed Ahmed Ali Daiban

Chairman – Project Lap Group

About us: About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To be the strongest and most diversified service provider offering high-quality strategic support to the clients we serve.


Our Mission: To provide professional engineering services and consultancy with a focus on important developments that generate positive results for the local economy, environment and society.

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